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He ain't straight hot twenty, but he says he's seen plentitude of challenging times, 'Cause he's been on his bus for five days and in his hotel for five nights. And his artificial satellite dish is skint and the new band is treatin' him mean. (Yeah, I know.) And there's still different workweek to go: he misses that vocalizing machine. bowman 'em, stick it up high, Where the sun don't shine.

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Oooohh Uh It's the self ol' crap in the same ass geographic region my studio smells like ten ash trays my nigger still gettin' too fucked up And I'm still smokin' too a lot blunts Haters ever gon' run they mouth And prison cell tryin' to takings me out Mama ever gonna worry herself And me I can't forget the somaesthesia I mat Even tho' I road a new 6 forked 0 They be thinkin' suchlike "What is Los frontin' for? " I bought a baseball club and they full up with gall Now all body besotted cuz they can't get in footloose New enemies static poppin' up chance off gats still chop 'em up I pass in and the conception club stands still statesman money more problems that's real This is what an ol' G told me foul rich and dyin' lonely "Fuck a benz and fuck a rolly, life is what you modify it, homie." This is what an ol' G told me filthy rich and dyin' lonely "Fuck a benz and fuck a rolly, aliveness is what you make it, homie." My little baby-girl fitting off 6 I gave her the greatest room in my crib she gets what she wants so does her mama I don't conceive they experience the value of a clam fine-ass bitches all in my limosine I evenhanded wish I was jumpin' on my trampoline But my babies I fail my children To me that's worth more than zillions and large indefinite amount She calls me "Fat-boy" says I'm "loco" And she doesn't understand when I gotta go outlook she doesn't believe I don't wanna be wit her Hope she knows that it hurts not to be wit her individual she knows that wit her I'm the happiest I can't get it to her piano practices When I was young my ol' man remaining us And I beg dat she won't be like I was This is what an ol' G told me filthy rich and dyin' lonely "Fuck a benz and fuck a rolly, life is what you modify it, homie." This is what an ol' G told me foul prosperous and dyin' lonely "Fuck a benz and fuck a rolly, existence is what you form it, homie." Playa hataz wanna dramatic composition me adpressed Do you genuinely wanna athletic competition Carlos? Mad cuz your bitch want my aut-o-graph coon I don't wanna piece of ass yo' hoe But I'll let her suck my dick and lick my ass-hole (ha-hah) Started out with a silly brave of footsie Now I got her eatin' out her best friends pussy Rollin' hydro sippin' on Chris once I was poor I would ambition around this Get my back rubbed in a big cleanse tub I don't know her important person but she's showin mad loved one I got 7 G's sittin' in my pants And my jewlry is underneath those lamps I'm gettin' sleepy-eyed all you hoes gotta recognisance Once again I'm in the bed by myself All entirely in other city I get my bill the Chris was 9.50 2 G's for them bottles of Don P It was retributory me and the hoes was emancipated This is what an ol' G told me filthy loaded and dyin' unsocial "Fuck a benz and coition a rolly, being is what you make it, homie." This is what an ol' G told me awful well-fixed and dyin' lonesome "Fuck a benz and piece of tail a rolly, life is what you make it, homie." Yeah, carnal knowledge a benz, coition a rolly, kinship group comes first, and I'm alone, Ye-e-e-eah.

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Photo gag for song posting “Leck mich im Arsch (Lick My Ass), K. 231” | LinkedIn

This photo gag goes with the song bill “Leck mich im Arsch (Lick My Ass) ”, by musician Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. It was one of a set of at smallest six canons credibly written in national capital in 1782. FOR A FULL, CLEAR VIEW OF THE PICTURE, PLEASE VISIT: Song link on Smule: "Leck mich im Arsch" (literally "Lick me in the arse") is a canon in B-flat stellar composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, K. The subhead translates to “Lick me in the ass,” an old German idiom akin to the modern “Kiss my ass.” once Mozart’s publisher accepted the piece, he was appalled to see such obscenity language and modified the text to read, “Let us be glad!
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