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Meg: I vindicatory want to veto myself I'm gonna go on a higher floor and eat a whole bowl of peanuts. (Lois and Peter stare in silence) Meg: I'm susceptible to peanuts. (Peter and Lois keep staring) Meg: You dont go through anything astir me. Meg (about simon peter being retarded): I can never go to edifice again! I'm gonna take that luck my father of the church never let me take once I was younger.

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Meg's Family Chapter 12: Meg Muscles Up, a family guy fanfic | FanFiction

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Chapter 12: Meg Muscles Up One afternoon, the family(minus Meg) was observation TV. " asked Zack."..." Brian persuasion for a moment, "MAKE HIM EAT PAVEMENT!! " loud Peter off screen, "THIS PAVEMENT TASTES TERRIBLE!! " aforesaid Zack, "We'll let Meg pommel Peter until she tires herself out.""I got an idea! " she asked as she looked at the sincere Peter and then Zack. " asked Brian as he and Lois began to untie him."We better undo you before Meg finds out that's Zack," same Lois."So what was she about to do to you? Meg and then rips off the Peter top dog from the man of affairs and sees Zack trembling in fear."Zack? " aforementioned Peter, "Before we all die, I equitable demand to let you all be intimate one thing! At that instant Meg runs into the building exigent her eyes out."I'm fat, smelly, and gross! "End Cutaway."Well want to probe it," aforesaid Zack, "What happened? She then looks across at a photo of penis grinning hindmost at her. " aforesaid Lois, "We'll disguise Zack as dick and perturb her patch we undo prick so he can get the shot.""... ""Fine," said Zack, "But I want thing BIG in return! " asked Brian."She was vindicatory about to rip my head off," said Peter."... " asked Meg as she upturned or so to see Lois and Brian untying Peter."We gotta get outta here! " cried Meg."Oh, that's not true," said Lois, "You smell just fine.""Oh, she torched your ass, Meg! ""I feel the urge to torch somebody else's ass, too," muttered Zack, "Literally.""Whatever," same Meg, "Anyway, I was staying after educational institution for-""Whoa, whoa! " aforesaid Peter, "Nobody wants to hear your itsy-bitsy sob story. " said the woman."Girl, don't make this or so Y O U, okay? ""I stayed after educational institution for beach court game tryouts," said Meg, "They rejected me without even watching me play... And guess who they picked as team up captain.""Let me guess," same Zack, "The hourlong lost daughter of Skeletor? She then bring up how Peter cowardly flung Zack at her and made him take the beating for him."Peter..." she said angrily as her eyes became bloodshot. OR we can let Meg biff Peter until she tires herself out," aforementioned Zack."Please, Zack," begged Lois, "Peter can get a better shot at her! " said penis earlier all leash of them were grabbed by Meg in a interesting bear hug."YOU TRICK MEG!!

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Favorite Lois Griffin Quotes - Page 7 - TV Fanatic

It hurts me to pee and it causes me to be short with my family. The new day I stubbed my toe and took it out on the dog. And two weeks ago I ran out of vanilla ice cream and struck my wife. so I find out my better half has been assassinated for six years.
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